Bobby's Limo Service BLS.



General questions before you call us! 


  1. How can I reserve a limo?

    Call us to book an appointment. Your appointment will be confirmed once you pay your non-refundable deposit.  

  2. Do you guys do multiple stops?

    YES YES! Once you place your reservation we will work out the kinks! All you  have to do is sit back and enjoy the experience we will handle the driving!

  3. How much per hour is the limo?

    it depends on where your going and what the event is! so call us we might have something special going on with the prices that you just might like to hear!

  4. Are you insured?

    Why yes we are. Progressive has our back and we have your back! so don't you worry about the legalities of things we have it all worked out. 

  5. How can I cancel an appointment?

    The same way you reserved one! Call us, Email us, Text us, simply let us know!

  6. What is the latest the limo will run?

    You pay for the hours then we are there! (overage charges may be applied)

  7. How much is the deposit?

    The non-refundable deposit depends on the time/day and price of your service! 

  8. Are the drivers licensed?

    Now, Now... we wouldn't want you riding around with an unlicensed chauffour. If you don't believe us just ask the driver for their license when you come to check out the limos!

  9. What Kind of Limos do you have?

    one Lincoln 2000; 10 seater, 

    one Lincoln 2005; 8 seater

  10. What comes with the limo?

    all access to any drinks on board and usage of the dishes and sound system! What more could you ask for? :D

  11. Are last minute rates more expensive?

    Depending on the season we can get a little booked up! So make sure you call as far ahead as possible but we DO offer last minute services! 

  12. Can I get my deposit back?

    The deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE pending cancellation. 

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